@Toolpig testar damm- och vattenfri kakelsåg från iQ Power Tools!

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From the comments on last nights video I just thought I would go through some of the details on this tile saw. The @iqpowertools IQTS244 . It is my favorite tile saw to use. It is not probably the only tile saw you will need. There are things that I will not do it does not have a tilt head so you will not be making certain miters with it. There is a tilt base so that Miters can be cut but it is not as convenient as a tilt head. At this point there are no glass blades made for it. Hopefully that will change in the future I feel like it will do 90% of anything I want to do. I would imagine that most of you would be in a similar situation. The dust extraction capability is really impressive. It is hard to describe in words how nice it is to be able to just set it up and start cutting and not have to worry about dust !It is a moneymaker for sure. It will save you time in the set up and breakdown. It will be less mass on your job site it will mean more productivity on most jobs because you will be able to cut right next to where you are working rather than going outside or to a designated cut area with water protection. If you have the chance at a show or a retailer I say try one out to see if it could work for you because it changed a lot for me. #TileSaw #TileCutter #Saw #TileSetter #TileContractor #Tiler #IQ #IQueTools #IQPowerTools #Remodeling #TileInstallation #Construction #GlassTile #CeramicTile #PorcelainTile #PorcelainPlankTile #TileFlooring #Flooring #PorcelainPlanks

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